How to become RSS Member

How to apply

A. Please email the following documents to

1. An Application Letter addressed to the President of RSS

2. A short CV

3. A passport-style photo

B.Please pay 60,000 (RWF) for Consultant Surgeons and 30,000(RWF) for post graduate surgeons, application fee can be paid on Bank ACC : 00040-0287344-63 /FRW IN BANK OF KIGALI


Your application will then be taken to the next EXCO meeting for discussion and ratification and you will be notified of their decision via email.

Annual Subscription Fees for Consultant Surgeons
Annual Membership fees are 60,000 (RWF) for consultant surgeons and 30,000(RWF) for post graduate member surgeons and can be paid on the above mentioned bank account in Bank of kigali

Contact Details

For all enquiries, please contact Miss Mercy Kamukama


Thank you for your interest in RSS
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