RSS Mission

The goals of this Organization are to :

1. Actively participate in the promotion of Surgery and surgical care in Rwanda ;
In particular, the Organization is interested in :

-  the quality of care of patients with surgical problems in Rwanda ;

-  the creation of network of information, continuinity of training and exchange of experience between surgeons and other practitioners in the various regions of the country ;

-  engage in mentorship and training of health professionals in Surgery ;

-  Following up on the contents of various programs of public and community health as well as their impact, contents and effectiveness of surgical care protocols and training programs in surgery in Faculties, Schools and Institutes of Medicine ;
2. Promote the creation and development of working conditions of surgeons as well as their professional, social and cultural self-fulfillment ;
3. Develop collaborations and partnerships with other national and international organizations pursuing similar aims.

4. Participate in projects that will mobilize material and moral assistance for the development of surgery in Rwanda.
5. Promote and support education and research in surgery
6. Taking advisory role to the competent authorities for the improvement of surgical education and quality surgical care.